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Big Data Made Simple.

We aim to provide world's most powerful insights through advanced data harvesting and analytics. Our Value Added Services team is ready to empower your commercial organisation with tailored insights at their fingertips.

Single Source of Truth

Unify and leverage data owned or bought by your company in one highly secured state-of-the-art platform

Real-Time Data

Leveraged with real-time competitive data harvested at 100+ retailers in Europe

Actionable Insights

Enjoy clear, comprehensive insights tailored to your needs for every user and stakeholder in your company

01 | Pricing Insights

Pricing insights made actionable for your company.

Biggest regional pricing database for the BeNeLux.

Analyse the (regional) pricing of your products and that of competition. Daily data complemented with field data wherever necessary. Knowledge is power.

Receive Alerts for important events

Never miss out on a product introduction, price change, etc. Stay on top of your game.

Standard Module As A Building block for our VAS

Our real-time market intelligence is just the start. Leverage your internal data and our Value Added Services (VAS) to achieve your strategic goals, e.g. monitor price sensitivity, margins, etc. in real time.


Learn more about our Price Engine and advanced price analytics.


02 | Product Insights

Benchmark and monitor today’s market response to trends like Nutriscore, health awareness, sustainability, etc.

Benchmark assortment build-up

Assess how your assortment compares to that of competition in terms of product specifications, nutrients, nutriscores, etc.

Analyse evolutions and trends

Discover what main levers were used to change a certain Nutriscore. Know what ingredients are being replaced by others in a conscious effort to obtain labels, certificates, etc.

Unveil tailored insights

Our Product DNA module is the building block for Value Added Services, such as: ingredient insights, nutritional analytics, etc.

Learn more about our Product DNA module and advanced product insights.

03 | Promotion Insights

Define the right promotional policies by looking at the most detailed promo data in the BeNeLux.

Analyse the promotional field

View the promotional timings, discount levels and types for your competitive field. Daltix converts every promotion (including just texts or images) to a discount, promotion price, type and duration.

Assess how promotions affect prices

Our pricing database allows us to quickly dive into how a certain promotion affected the consumer prices and -maybe even- caused long-term price erosion.

Deep-dive into margins and effectiveness

Daltix's unique data platform and our team can link our database (promotions and prices) to your internal data sources. This helps you to obtain real-time insights into your promo ROI, margins, etc.


Learn more about our Promo Engine and advanced promo insights.

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