Matching Engine

Analyses are only as powerful as the underlying data allow them to be. That's why we continuously invest in having the best possible product matching of identical and similar products.


Learn more about our Matching Tool, powered by a state-of-the-art engine that leverages deep learning, neural networks and other AI fanciness.


Our R&D projects

Learn more about our matching engine and tool that feed all the insights.


Matching Engine

You don't build the roof first and only get to the foundations, flooring and walls after. Neither do we: every analysis and project we do is based on our state-of-the-art matching engine.

EAN matching

Daltix goes above and beyond to harvest as many EANs as possible (leveraging digital and field data from a multitude of sources). This ensures a high level of high-fidelity matches for branded products

Cutting-Edge Data Science to Suggest Additional Matches

Moreover, Daltix uses graph databases (to automatically retrieve parallel imported products), product specifications and other elements to calculate the match's likelihood.

Tailored Tool to Support Your Use-Cases

Our team will then set up your personal Matching Tool, based on your business rules1. From there on, you can manage and edit your matches (and reports) with a few clicks.


1 E.g: you might want to only match private label products onto other private label products that only deviate in contents by less than 20%. Or maybe you want to match your branded products with the private label substitutes to control the price corridor. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Our Use Cases

Learn more about how our Matching Engine unlocks advanced insights.

We have many more examples. Can't find an example of the use case you had in mind? Contact us.

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