Pricing Insights

Learn more about our advanced use cases below and start off your data journey with our entry product.


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Our Entry Product

Familiarize yourself with the biggest pricing database in the BeNeLux retail market.


Price Engine Module

Pricing insights made actionable for your company.

Biggest regional pricing database for the BeNeLux.

Analyse the (regional) pricing of your products and that of competition. Daily data complemented with field data wherever necessary. Knowledge is power.

Receive Alerts for important events

Never miss out on a product introduction, price change, etc. Stay on top of your game.

Standard Module As A Building block for our VAS

Our real-time market intelligence is just the start. Leverage your internal data and our Value Added Services (VAS) to achieve your strategic goals, e.g. monitor price sensitivity, margins, etc. in real time.

Our Use Cases

Learn more about how the Price Engine unlocks advanced pricing insights.

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