Product Insights

Learn more about our advanced use cases below. Our product insights are part of a continuous R&D project to make product data more real-time and trustworthy than any possible alternative.


Our R&D projects

Learn more about the use cases of our latest R&D projects on product data and insights.


Product DNA Insights

Benchmark and monitor today’s market response to trends like Nutriscore, health awareness, sustainability, etc.

Benchmark assortment build-up

Assess how your assortment compares to that of competition in terms of product specifications, nutrients, nutriscores, etc.

Analyse evolutions and trends

Discover what main levers were used to change a certain Nutriscore. Know what ingredients are being replaced by others in a conscious effort to obtain labels, certificates, etc.

Unveil tailored insights

Our Product DNA module is the building block for Value Added Services, such as: ingredient insights, nutritional analytics, etc.

Our Use Cases

Learn more about how the Price Engine unlocks advanced pricing insights.

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