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Our Management Team

Jonas Deprez

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Esprit

Chief Technology Officer

Alexander De Lancker

Chief Product Officer

Our Customer Success Team

Our team is ready to help you forward, solve your needs and answer your questions.

Sam Feys

Head of Customer Support

Frederico Coelho Nunes


Other All-Stars

Jeroen Schoenmakers

Head of Marketing

Denise Quadros

Office Manager

Data Collection

With its state-of-the-art scraping frameworks and transformers, our team harvests quality data in time for our clients.

Charlie Orford

Lead Data Collection

João Minhós

Pola Alper

Aderito Xavier

Data Augmentation

AI, Machine Learning, Pipelines, ... Our team enriches our data and provides our clients with tools to unlock the real value of big data.

Manuel Garrido

Lead Data Architect

Paulo Coutinho

Miguel Almeida

Nelson Torres

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